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SEVEN KINGS. time of conquest

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narrow sea

нужные персонажи // хочу к вам // акция: таргариены и их союзники
The narrow sea is the sea between the continent of Westeros to its west and the continent of Essos to its east. The sea is relatively narrow and easy to cross, but large enough to make large-scale invasions and military incursions between the Seven Kingdoms and the Free Cities difficult. There is regular trade across the narrow sea between the two continents.
4 81 Гостевая книга
14 июня, 2019г. 19:35 - Malora Hightower


персонажи // сюжет и хронология // внешности
The Citadel is a complex of buildings in Oldtown that serves as the central home to the order of the maesters. The name is also employed to refer to order of maesters as an institution, or the higher placed members. At the Citadel, the residing archmaesters teach and train new students, and convene in the Conclave.
5 21 Список занятых внешностей
31 мая, 2019г. 11:11 - Grand Maester

blackwater rush

шаблон анкеты // принятые анкеты
The Blackwater Rush, commonly called the Blackwater, is a river in the southern riverlands and the crownlands with some headwaters in the westerlands. It is one of the major rivers of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
1 1 Шаблон анкеты
31 мая, 2019г. 10:50 - Grand Maester

isle of faces

принятые анкеты
The Isle of Faces is a sacred island in the middle of the lake called the Gods Eye, located in the southeastern riverlands. It is one of the few known locations of weirwoods in the south of Westeros, with most others having been cut down and burned.
9 21 Рейнис Таргариен, 24
9 июня, 2019г. 16:57 - Grand Maester


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seven kingdoms

сюжетные эпизоды // шаблон
Aside from House Targaryen's island "kingdom" of Dragonstone, the continent of Westeros was ruled by seven monarchs at the time of Aegon's Landing: Torrhen Stark, King in the North; Ronnel Arryn, King of Mountain and Vale; Harren Hoare, King of the Isles and the Rivers; Loren I Lannister, King of the Rock; Mern IX Gardener, King of the Reach; Argilac Durrandon, the Storm King; Meria Martell, Princess of Dorne.
1 1 Шаблон оформления эпизода
28 мая, 2019г. 19:46 - Grand Maester

cave of the three-eyed crow

личные эпизоды // шаблон // дайсы
Men should not go wandering in this place. The river you hear is swift and black, and flows down and down to a sunless sea. And there are passages that go even deeper, bottomless pits and sudden shafts, forgotten ways that lead to the very center of the earth. Even my people have not explored them all, and we have lived here for a thousand thousand of your man-years.
7 11 Две ветви одного древа
14 июня, 2019г. 15:59 - Dara Bracken

house of black and white

альтернатива // шаблон
The House of Black and White is the temple of the Many-Faced God and the headquarters of the Faceless Men. It is located in Braavos. The House of Black and White sits upon a rocky knoll made of dark grey stone. It has no windows and has a black tile roof. There are no services or songs of worship within the temple. The visitor can visit the pool, the gods, even ask for a priest.
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28 мая, 2019г. 19:38 - Grand Maester
2 2 Броски
29 мая, 2019г. 10:52 - Grand Maester


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beyond the wall

обмен рекламой
The lands beyond the Wall are primarily wild, untamed and uncharted. The climate is harsh and bitter, especially in the far north in the Lands of Always Winter. The region immediately north of the Wall includes the haunted forest, a vast taiga-forest which covers most of the area, extending from the Wall to the furthest lands of Thenn.
1 321 Обмен рекламой
Сегодня 13:14 - Raven

free folk

заключение партнёрства
The free folk are a race of people who live beyond the Wall. They are more commonly referred to as "wildlings" everywhere south of the Wall. There are tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of free folk split into hundreds of cultures, tribes, clans, villages, and raiding parties, some reasonably cultured, others savage and hostile.
16 55 Seven Kingdoms: Shadow of the Gods
Сегодня 11:07 - Raven

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